Should I Fix My Wheel? Or Buy a New One? by Mykalanne Gutierrez

As of now, you?re probably sitting a room with your computer on, deciding if you should search for a new wheel since yours is kind of messed up; or just buy all the stuff this week and repair it yourself on either a really early Saturday on Sunday Morning... right? I think I know you too well. Anyway, there are always advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing one of these two options. We?re going to explore both of them so you can finally make up your mind Mint Alloys on what you want to do.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Fixing a Wheel

Let?s start with the ?good stuff?. When you repair a wheel yourself, YOU get to decide how shiny you want it to be, what color you want to paint it, and stuff like that. You also get to do it at your own pace so that way, there?s no rush and you don?t over look any instructions, you know?

The only thing is that when you repair it, since you may not be a professional, it may take you a little longer than expected; and it may be a little harder for you to accomplish. And since it?s only one wheel, it may look shinier, brighter, and newer than the rest of the wheels that you have on your car. If that happens, you?re probably going to want to take all the wheels off so you can repair the rest of them so they look like the one that you just repaired.

Advantage & Disadvantages of Buying a New Wheel

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to buying a new wheel. A lot of people think that they can only buy new wheels from the dealer... and we all know that those are pretty expensive. Technically, you don?t have to buy a ?new? wheel; you can buy a used wheel (from that?s in pretty great condition. All of the wheels are refurbished and cleaned up so they look like new. That way, they can match all of the other pretty ones on your car. Plus, they?re a lot less expensive than buying a wheel that brand-spankin? new. No one here would send you a wheel that?s super ugly, or that we just put in a box so that we can get them to you and take your money. If you have an OEM Alloy Wheel, a Factory Original Steel Rim, or even a Compact Spare-we always do our best to track them down for you.

The only thing about buying a ?new? wheel for your car is that it may look better than the rest of the wheels on your car; which is the same complication as the other option. The wheel that you purchase will obviously be in a newer and cleaner condition than your other ones; which will make you wonder, ?Should I just buy a whole new set? Or does it really make a difference?? Honestly, it all depends on what you want. Maybe you?re a person who takes extreme care of your wheels and it just so happens that something scratched one of your wheels while you were turning the curb; or maybe you?re a person who?s just tired of trying keep your wheels clean and just finally decided that you?re just going to buy new ones.

There?s really no wrong or right way to handle this ?situation?; as long as your happy with the end result of your wheels, then you should be just fine. I promise.

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